Fall Virtual Postpartum Workshops & Support Groups

Taking a virtual course can be incredibly helpful for pregnant or postpartum moms as it allows them to access valuable information and support from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for travel and physical discomfort. Additionally, virtual courses may offer flexible schedules, accommodating the unpredictable nature of pregnancy and early motherhood, making it easier for moms to prioritize their well-being and education.

Below is a list of virtual workshops and support groups, taught LIVE starting this October and November.

Innate Postpartum Preparation

Earth Milk Moon: This is a postpartum preparation course for expecting families. It’s time for a cultural shift where mothers are heard, seen, centered and honored in the postpartum time. When a mother is thriving, the family thrives.

4-week online course taught live, beginning October 11. Cost: $350 per couple

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Postpartum Support Group

Centerline Community: This group is designed for moms to have a sacred, intimate space to discuss, process, and dive into all the layers that exist in early motherhood, and beyond. (Conversations will be designed for moms in the newborn/early postpartum stage, but all moms are welcome.)

8-week session with guest speakers facilitated by Krista Tarantino, beginning October 11. Cost: $150 per person

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Rewriting Your Birth Story:

A Process Therapy Group for Birth Trauma

Thrive Therapy: Even if everything goes according to plans (does it ever though?) giving birth is an intense and transformational experience. Most people are profoundly changed by the experience and many (too many) experience traumatic births that often show up months and even years later in hard ways.

This group is for you if you had an experience in childbirth that was traumatic, unexpected, or difficult and you want a space to process, grieve, and rewrite it in the company of other women with similar stories.

10-week session led by Annie Dreese, beginning November 1. Cost: $60 per week per person

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Mother Muna will host resources tailored to the needs of mothers, as well as  a platform build mother-centered registries and direct access to care provider services.

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