What is a Nesting Party?

What is a Nesting Party?

Feb 23, 2024

In recent years, a new trend has emerged in the world of social gatherings – the nesting party. When a new baby is on the way, the excitement and anticipation can be overwhelming. While baby showers are a long-standing tradition to celebrate this momentous occasion, a new trend has emerged that adds a unique and heartfelt twist to the celebration—the nesting party. In this blog post, we’ll explore what a nesting party is when it comes to welcoming a new baby into the family, and why this alternative to the traditional baby shower is gaining popularity.

Should you bring a gift to a nesting party?

You are already bringing yourself as a gift of time, energy, and love…and maybe a potluck dish as well. It is not necessary to bring an additional gift for the expecting mom or baby. However, if you don’t want to come completely empty handed here are some appropriate gift ideas for a nesting party:

Nesting Parties: Beyond the Baby Shower

Traditionally, baby showers are all about gifts and games, where friends and family come together to “shower” the expectant parents with presents and well-wishes. While baby showers are undoubtedly special, nesting parties take a different approach, shifting the focus from gifts to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for the parents-to-be as they prepare for the arrival of their little one.

The Concept of Nesting

Nesting, in the context of a nesting party for expectant parents, is about getting the home ready for the baby’s arrival. It’s a time for the parents-to-be to declutter, organize, and create a warm, welcoming space for their new addition. Nesting parties are not only an opportunity to prepare the physical space but also to provide emotional support, advice, and encouragement to the parents as they embark on this transformative journey.

Why Nesting Parties Are Gaining Popularity

  1. Practicality: Nesting parties allow parents to focus on the practical aspects of baby preparation, such as setting up the nursery, organizing baby essentials, and making their home safe and comfortable.

  2. Supportive Environment: Unlike traditional baby showers, nesting parties offer a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where friends and family come together to help with chores, share parenting tips, and offer emotional support.

  3. Inclusivity: Nesting parties are often more inclusive, inviting not only close friends and family but also neighbors, colleagues, and anyone who wants to contribute to the parents’ preparations.

  4. Less Pressure: Nesting parties tend to be less formal and less focused on extravagant decorations and games, which can relieve some of the pressure often associated with baby showers.

Hosting a Nesting Party for Expectant Parents

If you’re considering hosting a nesting party for expectant parents, here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Invitations: Create invitations that emphasize the nesting theme and encourage guests to bring their support and expertise rather than traditional gifts.

  2. Tasks and Activities: Plan activities that revolve around preparing the home for the baby, such as assembling furniture, organizing baby clothes, or setting up the nursery. Guests can take on specific tasks or contribute their unique skills.

  3. Food and Drinks: Keep the menu simple and focus on comfort food and beverages. Potluck-style meals or a catered brunch can work well.

  4. Emotional Support: Encourage guests to share their parenting experiences, offer advice, and provide emotional support to the expectant parents.

  5. Gifts of Time and Help: Instead of traditional gifts, guests can offer the gift of their time and assistance in preparing the home for the baby.

Nesting parties are a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby by focusing on creating a loving and nurturing environment at home. This alternative to the traditional baby shower places an emphasis on practicality, support, and emotional connection, making it a memorable and heartwarming experience for all involved. Whether you’re an expectant parent or planning a nesting party for someone you care about, it’s a celebration of the exciting journey into parenthood and the creation of a loving home for the new addition to the family.