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Postpartum Preparation for Partners Course


Jan 16, 2024


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PDT


This class is designed for dads or non-birthing partners who want to know how to support their partner after birth.

I am teaching this course because Fathers asked me to. They told me they wished they had some understanding, guidance and tips before baby arrived.

We learn by watching others in our environment. However, we no longer live in a culture where we are surrounded by wise elders teaching us how to navigate parenthood.

We are no longer living with young children and babies to know how to care for them. In fact, many people entering parenthood have never held a baby.

Many of our own mothers never received support after birth so we have forgotten the importance and HOW To care for a postpartum mother. We now are living in a nuclear family dynamic where we have normalized two people caring for children without support.

By default, the non-birthing parents are often the only ones who are in the position to care for a mother after birth. Having no experience, no instructions, no education on postpartum healing, and having never witnessed or been a part of the care of mothers or babies, it is a lot to step into the role as a caregiver without some guidance.





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