Innate Postpartum Preparation Course

Care Provider:
Jan. 22nd, 2024
6:00 pm
 – 8:00 pm
$350 per couple

This is a 4-week online course taught live. 

This is a postpartum preparation course for expecting families. It’s time for a cultural shift where mothers are heard, seen, centered and honored in the postpartum time. When a mother is thriving, the family thrives. Postpartum care is a necessity -not a luxury- for mothers and families to thrive. We often prepare for birth, which is very impactful and lasts 4 days at most, but we don’t prepare for the postpartum period which some say lasts years or even the rest of our lives. This course was created to bring to light the importance of Mother centered care for family wellness; rooted in revitalized community support. It is intended for pregnant mothers and their partner to take during pregnancy, in preparation for the postpartum period. My intention for teaching this course is for all mothers to feel supported, centered, resourced and empowered as they enter their journey into motherhood.

By signing up for this course, you will learn and receive:

  • The 5 essentials to postpartum wellness.
  • Support to develop a postpartum plan that meets the unique needs of you and your family.
  • Preventative Care to Postpartum Disease
  • Earth Milk Cacao Elixir shipped to you so we can share cacao our final class
  • Connections with local birth and postpartum resources
  • Earth Milk Moon Postpartum Healing Guide and Recipes

Class size is limited in order to create connection and intimate community. 

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Thank you for your interest in Cohero.

In response to the incredible feedback and tremendous support from our expanding network of parents, we have made the decision to transition our product focus from supporting parents working from home to a product that  caters to postpartum mothers. The insights and experiences shared by our users have highlighted the unique challenges and needs that arise during this transformative phase.

Mother Muna will host resources tailored to the needs of mothers, as well as  a platform build mother-centered registries and direct access to care provider services.

We are thrilled to embark on this new direction and would love for you to join us.

With love,
Rachel | Founder of Cohero and Mother Muna

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