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Welcome to Washington Wellness. We are Jerome and Briana Washington. Briana is a pediatric/maternal occupational therapist as well as a Certified Breastfeeding specialist. Jerome is a seasoned personal trainer for all walks of life whether after an injury, sports or postpartum. We have two beautiful kids. Zoey is 5 and Tre is 2. We are a growing company to help achieve wellness throughout the community and reaching all members of your family. Whether it be Kids Yoga, Postpartum, to One on One Personal training!!

One of our main products curated for the Postpartum mom. Self care package designed whether your breastfeeding or not includes items like soothing creams, snacks, and helpful resources customized to order!

Jerome is the perfect motivated speaker while giving your body what it needs to heal physically. He is able to design meal plans as well to help achieve your goals virtually or in person.

Kids yoga is a fun and healthy activity for children! It combines yoga poses with games, storytelling, and music to keep them engaged. It helps improve flexibility, balance, and focus while promoting relaxation and mindfulness.

As a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, I offer personalized lactation consultations, breastfeeding education, and support to help you navigate your breastfeeding journey with confidence. Let’s work together to ensure a positive and successful breastfeeding experience for you and your baby! I am offering FREE 15-minute phone consultations with the HEALING BOX ✨

Owner Name

Jerome and Briana Washington

Care Offered

  • Lactation Education / Consultant
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Postpartum Fitness
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Virtual / Telehealth

Virtual Services

Yes, in addition to in person



Areas Served

Tampa, Clearwater

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