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We consider ourselves the specialists in prenatal / pregnancy chiropractic.

Chiropractic care during your pregnancy is not only safe but greatly effective in aiding in many ailments (rib pain, sciatica, SPD, SI joint dysfunction, round ligament pain, carpal tunnel and much more). Chiropractic care has also been shown to aid in women having a less complicated vaginal delivery by aiding in the body’s ability to help the hips widen. Our goal in having you under chiropractic care during pregnancy, is to enable your body to do exactly what it was designed to do…GIVE BIRTH.

We do that by making sure your pelvis and spine are moving properly by providing a gentle, yet effective, chiropractic adjustment. We also make sure there is balance within the muscles and the ligaments of the pelvic girdle assuring that we have done all we can for you to have the birth that you desire. Whether you are having a hospital birth, home birth, birth center birth, VBAC, or a planned C-section, we want to be part of your journey and help you stay comfortable and empowered.

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be painful. That’s where we thrive is helping you feel great and function normally.

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Drs. Brianne Katz, Laura Bates & Alexandria Salvidar

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  • Perinatal Chiropractor

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Dallas, Frisco

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