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The Peri Parcel


The Peri Parcel is a postpartum care kit that provides a new mom with all of the essentials she needs to aid recovery after giving birth vaginally or by c-section.

Handmade remedies are made with rich, pure, natural ingredients and high quality essential oils that are known to reduce inflammation, prevent infection, ease pain and itching, aid tissue repair, and support emotional balance.

Meet Leisha
As a doula, I’m here to provide support for women through pregnancy, empower them through their childbirth experience, and fight the culture of fear toward birth.

I’m a mom of two boys, a former high school English teacher, and a pretty strong empath.  Four years ago I would not have anticipated that this was the path I was pursuing.  When I was pregnant with my first son, I chose to have a doula and it was the best choice I could have made for my pregnancy and birth.  Not because everything went the way I wanted it to, because it certainly didn’t.  But I felt healthy, calm, confident and empowered throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery.  She helped me to understand and trust the process that my body was going through.  

I want to offer this to other women, to empower them, to help them trust their bodies and the process of giving birth, and to help them navigate unexpected changes with stability and compassion.

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Leisha Laurén

Care Offered

  • Birth Doula
  • Home Birth Support
  • Lactation Education / Consultant
  • Meal Delivery
  • On-Call Support
  • Overnight Support
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Virtual / Telehealth

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Yes, in addition to in person


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