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Om Chanti Skincare


We are simple, pure, plant-based skin care crafted from premium ingredients made from flowers, seeds, fruits and bees. At Om Chanti we value each person’s inherent beauty and care deeply about supporting healthy skin and a healthy planet. If you are looking for small-batch, woman-owned skin care made from high-quality ingredients that hydrate and heal the skin – you’ve found your match!

There’s never been a more important time to support small businesses that are doing right by the earth and the people. We use sustainable packaging methods, work with glass and recyclable materials as much as possible and use only 100% non toxic ingredients that heal and never harm.Please remember that natural separation of oils may sometimes occur in our face cream, as no chemical emulsifiers or preservatives have been added. Just stir and mix if this happens. It does not affect the quality or functionality of the product.

Owner Name

Chantal Peterson