The Birthing Lady


As a seasoned and trained birth Doula, with 12 years of experience, I have supported numerous families in bringing new life into the world. I am deeply passionate about guiding families through the transformative journey of birth and postpartum recovery. As someone who has had six natural home births of my own, I have a deep understanding of the physical and emotional needs of the birthing process and becoming a new mother and parent.

As a Doula, I bring my knowledge of Hypnobirthing methods, essential oils, and massage. My expertise in Postpartum supports includes Abhyanga (warm oil) massage, herbal bath blends, belly binding, herbal foot bath, newborn soothing techniques, essential oils, and creating effective systems that support new families in adjusting to their new lives.

As a professional mother, I am passionate about empowering families, and I am currently focused on supporting families as a Postpartum Doula, but also continue practicing as a birth Doula. I bring a nurturing presence and holistic approach, and am dedicated to helping new mothers achieve a peaceful birth and fulfilling postpartum experience.

Owner Name:
Jen Breedlove
Care Offered:
Birth Doula, Childbirth Education, Home Birth Support, Lactation Education / Consultant, Meal Delivery, On-Call Support, Overnight Support, Partner Support, Postpartum Doula, Virtual / Telehealth
Virtual Services:
Yes, in addition to in person

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