A Poem: Midnight Lullaby

The night is dark and still
As I lay here in my bed
My baby’s cries echo through the house
And I rise to feed her once again

In the dim light of the nursery
I lift her to my breast
And as she latches on and sucks
I feel my tired eyes begin to droop

But I know I must stay awake
For this is how we bond and grow
This is how I give her nourishment
And how I show her love

So I rock and sway and hum
As the night wears on and on
And though I’m weary to my bones
I know this is where I belong

For in these quiet, tender moments
We are one and we are whole
And though the hours may be long
This is where my heart finds home.

So I’ll keep on nursing in the night
Through all the tears and all the smiles
For this is my calling and my joy
As a mother, and a nurse, and a guide.

And though I may be tired and drained
I’ll keep on going, strong and true
For this is the greatest gift I have
And I am honored to share it with you.

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